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Our researchers, scientists and field staff are using the latest technology available to coordinate the survey of rhinos in one of the last remaining preserves in Borneo. Tabin Wildlife preserve is located on the southeastern segment of the island of Borneo. It covers over 120,000 hectares . The terrain is quite rugged, complete with exotic animals like the sun bears, wild boars, insects, arduous geography and wet areas.

The initial field research is focused on determining the demographics of the population of Sumatran rhino. At least two base camps are established to facilitate survey works. This includes spore signs, habitat utilization, human and animal contact, etc.

CyberTracker software has been customized by Dr. Kilbourn to incorporate all pertinent information.

CyberTraker is an icon-based easy to learn system immediately computerized and associated with a GPS location.

Handspring Inc. granted 25 units for this specific purpose. Phototrap cameras are placed at strategic locations where signs of rhino have been identified or along trails where passage is highly likely.

Transfer of this technology among organizations will standardize information and make it readily available. Trained personnel, technology and information will be transferred among areas and organizations so a coordinated effort can continue to expand and address immediate issues.


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